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Issue 3 Theme:

Renewal. A process of revisiting, reorienting, and rebuilding. As we enter a new decade, we glance back to gaze forward: we return to our founda- tions, Emergence and Resilience, and re-envision our intentions. We recognize prior struggles, and move towards recovery. We consider how practices of revision and retrospection are necessary for sustainable justice; how renewal is important for healing and restoration. Here, we welcome work that resituates, revises, and reclaims.

This work is fearless: it confronts, it grapples, it reimagines.

Submitters of underrepresented identities are strongly encouraged to send work. Submitters working within the sciences are also encouraged to send work. 


Paperbark Literary Magazine celebrates the resonance between the sciences and the humanities. The Magazine acknowledges the varying approaches to the work of sustainability across disciplines and aims to gather distinct voices in the collective resistance to pressures like climate change and natural, economic, and public environmental crises. Paperbark publishes written pieces and visual art that speak to an environmentalism rooted in racial and socioeconomic justice.  We support the creative expression and communication of narratives by underrepresented voices.

Paperbark’s content is not arranged by genre, but instead thematically (with example categories such as “reflections” or “radical notions”). Hybrid pieces are welcome, as we acknowledge it can be limiting to feel confined to a genre. We just ask that you use your best judgment when selecting a category. Please submit to only one category per submission period. 

*Please make sure you upload multiple files to a single submission, not separately.*

Poems should be in one document. Art submissions will allow multiple files to be uploaded under one submission.

If you need to withdraw all or part of a submission, please do so through Submittable. If your work is selected elsewhere, withdraw your work via Submittable.

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